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The Hazard Perception Test is one of the more difficult tests to master, especially when you’re upgrading from learner licence to P1 licence. But difficult doesn’t mean hard to pass. Not with our free online HPT tests designed to help you prepare right.

Let’s make passing the HPT VIC a breeze. Start using our online HPT practice tests and see how ready you are to tackle the real test.

How It Works

The Easy Process for Passing the HPT VIC

1 Study For the HPT

Studying a handbook alone can’t help you adequately respond to real-life situations. These simulation exercises are designed to help you prepare better to pass the HPT.

2 Practice Until You’re Ready

The more you practice, the better you get at responding to potentially hazardous situations, not just online, but in driving on our roads. And the easier it is to pass the HPT.

3 Book and Take the VIC HPT Test

Prep well with our online HPT practice questions, and you’ll be in the best position to sit and pass the VIC HPT. So, keep practising and get yourself ready to take on the road.

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We make it easier to prepare and pass the HPT

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Our HPT tests are free to use anytime, anywhere, as often as you want.

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