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Think you can pass the learners driver test by only reading the manual? Guess again. Get better results when you study the manual AND use our free online practice quizzes. (You won’t even need the manual when you use these free online tests)

The faster way to prepare

We won’t say it’s the easiest way to pass the NSW Learners Driving Test. But you’ll be in a much better position to ace that test when you practice with our driver test questions.


Practice makes better results. Take our free online quizzes as often as you’d like so you’re better prepared on test day.


You won’t be surprised on test day. Our online practice test questions are structured just like the real test questions.


Get help no matter what. Failed the test before? Going for a renewal permit? First timer? Prepare with our test questions.

Test Yourself. Free Road Rules Quiz In 3 Quick Steps

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Practice Questions just like the NSW Drivers Test

NSW-Specific Tests

Just like getting the state-specific manual, make sure you’re practising for the NSW driving test. Generic tests may leave you stranded on the day and unable to pass the test.

Just Like The Real Deal

Questions so similar you’d think you were actually sitting the NSW driving test. That’s how good our practice questions are in getting you ready for the state driving test in NSW.

Updated Questions

Our learners practice test questions and answers are updated when the NSW driver handbook updates. So, go ahead. Practice our online quizzes with real, up-to-date test questions.

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