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Do you have what it takes to upgrade to a P1 Licence?

You have a year on your learners under your belt. Now it’s time to upgrade your licence by passing the Hazard Perception Test. It’s one of the harder tests to get through. But when you practice with us, you can pass on your first try.

Practise and Pass the Hazard Perception Test

New South Wales HPT

Ready to tackle the NSW hazard perception test? Start with our online practice questions and see what to expect.

South Australia HPT

It’s time to upgrade your licence. Our SA hazard perception practise quizzes help you prepare to pass the test.

Queensland HPT

Practice how to identify and react to hazardous situations with the free hazard perception test QLD online.

Western Australia HPT

It’s easier to pass your WA hazard perception test when you practice all the right type of questions. Start today.

Victoria HPT

Stop searching for ‘hazard perception test VIC’ and start practising. Use our free online quizzes to pass your HPT.

Tackling the Hazard Perception Test Explained

Get Your State HPT Handbook

Each state has an HPT handbook that gives a basic outline on what to study for and expect on the test (see FAQs). Get yours. But you’ll also need to practice before sitting the test.

Practice Online for Free

Often considered the hardest part of the theory test, the Hazard Perception Test can throw you off. Take the free online practice quizzes that are just like the official state HPT tests.

Sit & Pass the Test

Practice makes better. So, keep using our free online tests until you’re confident you are ready for the real test. Users of online practice tests often pass in their first attempt.

Pass Your Hazard Perception Test with the Right Practice Questions

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HPT Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the HPT

What is the Hazard Perception Test?

Why practice for the hazard perception test?

What should I expect in the hazard perception test practice questions?

How should I prepare for the HPT?

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