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Try Our Free HPT QLD Practice Tests

Those who pass the HPT on their first go, prepare the right way. Familiarise yourself with the Hazard Perception Test QLD and get on the right track. These are realistic hazard perception clips designed just like the real test to help your HPT test preparations.

Study for the HPT using our free online practice tests. You’ll be better prepared when you do.

How It Works

Simple Process. Better Results for the HPT QLD

1 Respond to Hazards

The simple way to understand what to expect in the HPT is to practice with online simulations of potentially hazardous situations. You learn how to identify and respond by doing.

2 Practice Makes Better

The more you tackle the Hazard Perception Test practice questions, the better your responses will be to the situations you could face on the road. Use them as often as you need to.

3 Book and Sit the HPT QLD

Practised as much as you need to? Comfortable with what to expect on the test? Book online or by phone and sit your HPT QLD at the transport centre closest to you.

Making Hazard Perception Practice Tests Better

Passing the HPT doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s why.

Free HPT Tests

Practice your hazard perception skills with our free online HPT simulation tests.

Registration Not Required

No account set up or registration needed to access and start using the tests.

Like the Real Test

Real clips and options to respond just like in the HPT test to a perceived hazard.

FAQs - Hazard Perception Test QLD

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